A stock market or exchange that facilitates the trading of securities, including stocks.There are two types of stock market, primary market and secondary market.The primary market is where initial public offerings are made.During an initial public offering, companies named after their shares trade.The secondary market is where shares are issued or sold and then resold and sold.

Trading stocks involves a lot of money and risk.Therefore, for those who buy or sell stocks, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the stock before trading.They must also investigate the reliability of brokers and other trading participants to ensure effective trading and to provide the best results for all parties.

Thanks to the Internet and computers, informed decisions about stock trading are possible.There are online resources on stock trends and other important factors that affect stock trends.

Public companies trade shares on different exchanges.These exchanges compete with each other to attract more companies.Their income comes from stock listings.

A company’s stock is designated as a ticker symbol or trading symbol, usually distinguished by three or four letters.

Different stock exchanges are a good source of information for different publicly traded stocks.The American stock exchange is the American stock exchange;Nasdaq stock market;New York stock exchange;Pacific stock exchange;Philadelphia stock exchange.The sites also offer tips and guides to stock trading.To protect traders and investors, the securities and exchange commission (SEC) was established to oversee and regulate securities trading.Stock exchanges in other countries have also established stock exchanges for foreign and multinational companies.Each country has its own regulator to oversee share trading.

In the United States.The securities and exchange commission is working with other government agencies, including the federal bureau of investigation, the federal reserve and state attorneys general ‘offices, to investigate and combat fraud and corporate theft.Fraud and theft are rampant, and several company executives and officials have been charged and sentenced.

Take the famous bear stearns.Bear stearns went through the financial crisis because of an unprecedented downturn in the mortgage, housing and financial markets.Two former bear stearns executives were convicted of fraud and charged with years in prison.They were caught cheating clients and giving misleading information to investors.

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